Tips for Including Animals in Your Wedding

Animals are the best! They make us smile, laugh, and help us have fun. So whether it’s your own pup, cat or horse, or an alpaca, deer or cow that you can hire or have at your wedding venue, including animals in your wedding can be so fun and rewarding.

Your canine pal can be there right by your side in a key role such as ring bearer. It’s worth bearing in mind that many registrars won’t allow dog ring-bearers but we have had dogs in churches and in celebrant-led weddings take on key roles. One of the many many reasons we highly recommend celebrant-led weddings. Getting married by a registrar? Then you could have your dog come to your drinks reception so you can have some pictures with them. There are some great dog handling services such as Walkies at Weddings who will not only look after your pooch the night of the wedding, but will also bring them to the big day for you too. It’s important for you to consider if your dog has the right temperament for this though.

Birds are romantic and beautiful. These majestic creatures create a symbolic element at weddings. Doves are often included to denote peace and love. Or maybe you just have a beloved parrot who you want by your side.

This couple brought their two horses with them on their big day and dressed them in floral collars made by.

Although this list only has a few options among the hundreds of possibilities for your wedding, you can start from this list to think about what you personally want for your wedding since this is a very subjective idea. It is also important to notify your guests that you are having your pet in the ceremony and reception because some may be allergic to furs, and others may have fears with animals. With this, you will be able to adjust to their needs without letting go of the idea of bringing your pets to your wedding.


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