Wedding Hairstyle Trends for 2021— Part 2

Bridal Hairstyles For Each Hair Type

There are a lot of moments to consider when choosing the best hairstyle for your wedding. Hair length, texture, and a wedding theme all play a big role in determining the overall look that best suits each bride. Here are the best wedding hairstyles for every hair type below.

Wedding Hairstyles For Thin Hair


For Brides With Straight Hair

Low braided bun. Straight, smooth hair can be braided into braids and bundles. Then make a bun, it looks very elegant. Moreover, for both long and short hair, this styling works perfectly.


For Really Curly Hair


Natural Wavy Hair

  • Medium curled bun
  • Low smooth bun

It is best to curl your hair and then continue to work with neat curls. You can also straighten your hair – it all depends on the bride’s desires and the whole wedding look. Use hair cream to achieve a smoother result.

Hairstyles For Each Wedding Style

Determining a wedding hairstyle is quite a task, especially when you want it to fit your wedding theme. Below you’ll find the trending wedding hairstyles for your style. After you’ve found your perfect idea among these wedding hairstyles, work with a professional stylist to make it a reality.

Dreamy Elegant Look

To create a charming elegant wedding hairstyle, consider something simple, yet chic, like a messy low bun or medium bun. Also, loose waves look beautiful for brides with long hair.


Formal For Classic Bride

It is the most elegant look. You can add bright accents, such as burgundy lips or unusual manicure. Check out some beautiful unique wedding hairstyles ideas below:

  • Hollywood wave
  • Tail made of smooth texture
  • A knot of smooth hair without volume


Retro-Inspired Hairstyles

It’s trending wedding hairstyles for a tender bridal look. It will be perfect for a retro wedding.

  • Textured waves
  • Smooth low bun
  • Smooth Babette bun

Simple And Easy Casual Styles

Bohemian Bridal Look

Unique wedding hairstyles with braids:

  • Crown braid
  • Messy beach styling
  • Waterfall braid

Beach Wedding Hairstyles

Wedding Hair Accessories

Accessories – are the important elements that will complement your wedding hairstyles. Choosing the right accessories will play a huge role in creating your wedding look. don’t overload your appearance with a lot of accessories. Start with setting the main accent and then pick some additional accessories.

Hairstyles With Veil

Trending wedding hairstyles with veils:

  • Curls
  • Low bun with curls
  • Middle bun with curls

Curls and a low bunch – will be the perfect option for the veil. The veil is an indispensable accessory of the ceremony in the church, so it must be fixed so that you can cover your face and shoulders. You can use a comb for your veil. To attach a veil to your hair, you need to make a root combing or a thin invisible braid.

Bridal Tiara & Crown

  • Curls with hairpieces
  • Low bun with a volume

This royal accessory is suitable for a luxury wedding. It’s better to use tiara for some curled hairstyles with hairpieces.

Crystal Wedding Halo



Such hairstyle accessory will perfectly hide the bangs (if there is one), it’s a classic decoration that can emphasize the radiance of happy eyes. A gentle accessory that is suitable for classic silhouettes of dresses.

  • Low bun with curls
  • Curls or beach styling

Wedding Hairpins


Flowers In Hair

  • Low bun
  • Half up half down

If you want to achieve a light and gentle look then add some flowers to your wedding hairstyles. It will perfectly work with an outdoor wedding look, but you should better discuss with your florist which flowers to use in your style. Your florist will help you to create a harmonic combination.

Bridal Hair Ideas With Ribbon

Wedding Hair With Extensions

Hairpieces can be used in almost any hairstyle, it all depends on the preferences of the bride. Hairpieces can become a great solution both for braided and loose hairstyles. They will help to make the hairstyle more permanent and spectacular.

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